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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames





• The insect repellent Screen Free operates with a gear mechanism (without a lower guide)!  They DO not collect water and soil and are not dangerous to stumble on!

• It stops at any point you leave it

• The caterpillar track causes the screen always to run parallel to the wall and does not allow the screen to wrinkle, or tear!

• Made of Fiberglass, a material that does not rot and does not burn (meets all fire security rules)!

• Installed easily and quickly!

• It can be changed from left to right (and vice versa) so easily with just one move - without tools AND you can change it every day!

• Unlike other insect repellent screens with  a caterpillar track in the market, the Free Type screen has a gray, straight screen and exterior of the house is uniform even if other types of screens that are in the rest of our house openings (eg vertical for windows , hinged for the front door or fixed frames for bathrooms). It also gives excellent visibility while effectively conceals dust.

• Available cut and assembled into the desired dimensions.

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