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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames



A modern proposal in aluminum pergolas simple and sharp lines that fit  buildings of high architectural requirements and specifications. Available in a wide color range treated with a special electrostatic paint, seaside class and unquestionably high quality. It is the perfect architectural solution for a new and innovative design in the surroundings of modern homes. Modern pergolas can also accept polycarbonate panels for extra protection from the weather.

Ideal for applications in gardens, swimming pools, roof garden etc. adds style and great style. Using as a cover material the polycarbonate Lexan®.


Technological development in shading! An ultra modern solution made of two parallel yardsticks, function and aesthetics. By using a motor, the trellis provides shading and whenever desired simply by adjusting the slope of the roof profiles. It offers a new aesthetic, a total remodeling of a room with full harmonization of the architecture of the building to which it applies to.


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