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Glass panels TRIPLEX are laminated and manufactured in accordance to the European standard EN 12543.


More specifically the glass panel is a combination of two or more monolithic glasses, white, colored, reflective, low thermal conductivity AND `categories description`. `Language_id` = 4; simple or securit, and either hot-bonding with these intermediate PVB membranes or cold welding these with special intermediate layers of resin.





In case of an accident, the inner layer of PVB in the triplex glass absorbs the energy of impact with the human body. In addition to increased resistance to ensure, even in the event of breakage the fragments remain in the inner layer, which eliminates the risk of injury.



In case of breaking the triplex glass remains fixed on the laminate wall without the risk of injury, cutting and falling debris. Even under these circumstances, the affected system still protects the interior of the building from weather elements such as rain, wind.



The Triplex Glass systems are burglar free and protect tenants from any acts of vandalism. Even in case of a break in the triplex glass continues to operate as a shield until its replacement.



The triplex glass is the usual choice of construction works thanks to increased sound insulation which it provides, being the opposite of the conventional glass (monolithic systems).


Indeed, the performance of sound insulated glass systems available in the market, has significantly improved with the use of triplex glass on one or both sides of the frame.


5. PROTECTION from UV rays

The inner layer of PVB in the glass ensures protection of approximately 99% which protects the interior fittings and furnishings from the harmful effects of sunlight.


6. Optical Performance Improvement

The manufacturing of glass facades with triplex glass provides superior optical performance and class definition.


The triplex glass applications are many such as storefronts, entrances, double insulated windows and curtain walls conventional joint glazing, structural glazing, spandrels, interior partitions, bathrooms, staircases balustrades, car windshields, trains, airplanes, bulletproof construction, etc, Also where protection is required like, from an accident that can caused by a simple glass, as well as a need for further protection from theft, burglary or violation.


The triplex glass can be decorated either by sandblasting or beveled perimeter etc, after welding or cutting or Laser or silkscreen before place them together.

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