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Automatic mosquito nets are screen mechanisms rolled up and mounted vertically in the frame.


Can be installed in all type of frames.


With a maximum height of up to 2 meters and 55 cm in the vertical direction and a minimum gap required between the frame and scroll, just 33 mm, the wide variety of different models of automatic mosquito screens provide solutions to any type of door or window.


• Galvanized spring,

• made of the polyamide plastic parts,

• The special construction "stiff" fiberglass net,

• The double-sided tape 19 mm

• And generally all high quality materials used, guarantee the correct operation of automatic insect screen systems and our resistance to all weather conditions.

• The windproof brush "Mesh Lock" gives added resistance to wind loads.

• The brake spring gives us the ability to adjust the speed at which the screen goes up while it is wrapped up in the shaft.

• The special addition of the wing above the casket solves the placement of mosquito net when we have external shutter that closes with a hook.

• Easy and secure closure with magnet or hook.


The four models casket from 33 to 41 mm in combination with the four back screens from 140 to 260 cm and the 2 axis ("economic" in thickness 1.2 mm and "strong" thickness 2 mm) create a huge range of automatic mosquito screens with vertical movement.


One of these surely covers your needs.

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