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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames



All security doors meet the aesthetic requirement and the special taste of each space combining art with technology. This is achieved with a wide range of designs and colors. Coatings can be made of aluminum inside & out, wood or laminate lining inside & out, as well as wood or laminate in – aluminum out.


Having reinforced the chassis with steel casing, the frame is made of sheet metal cold invasion electrostatic painted in black matte and reinforce with integrated pre-case in Hollow form for easy installation and avoid twisting. The total thickness of the door leaf reaches 55 mm. The door leaf is constructed from galvanized steel sheet with special hardness. The inner shield sheet has three vertical ribs for greater empowerment of the shield.


The locking points amount to 14 and can be made 21. The cylinder safety lock with catapult & small key contains five keys and shovel with key external site includes defender - protection of the steel cylinder.


 Also the outer lock points have and Extra sheet for more protection. Around the door and the frame is insulated with EPDM rubber technology , which in cooperation with the windbreak in the bottom part of the door seals when closed automatically to achieve a perfect seal in the inner space.


 Finally the doors have a peephole wide angle panoramic and safety latch with a limited opening of the door, giving us the ability to control the outside



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