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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames






• Hinged screens, American type with automatic reset and magnetic closing.

• Made from reinforced aluminum, is ideal for gates and doors.

• Assemble easily with plastic corners for cutting 90 degree, or corners of cast aluminum 45-degree cuts.

• Available with viewable elastics for easy changing of screen or a special snap aluminum profile can hide the elastics.

• Its fabric is of "soft" fiberglass which does not rot, does not burn and has elasticity so that it can be perfectly stretched on the door giving with a beautiful aesthetic effect.

• Alternatively the use of aluminum screen or "pet screen" made of extremely durable fiberglass to withstand not only insects but also paws from our pet friends.

• The possibility of adding a bottom rail at the bottom of the door or a larger crossbeam in the middle makes the use easy even by children or elderly.

• Adjustable hinges, make fitting extremely easy as well as taking off for storage reasons during the winter months.

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