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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames




With unique advantages and technological innovations we use first grade raw material from primary aluminum alloys (Pesin) with alloy quality certificate without impurities of recycled metals.


In all types of frames the windows are chocked with special plastic corners while connections are of Monticelli cast aluminum. During assembly of the frame American insulation in placed on the cutting points for perfect protection. In the placement we use water soluble acrylic crystallized putty for sealing and for the excellent insulation of the frame.


A number of design proposals, make these structures perfectly suited to the personal style of each client, based on aesthetics. Constructions known for the highest quality standards of safety and perfect functionality thanks to the materials used. Sliding or hinged structures, dimensions desired with single glazing or frame shape Cross, diamond, square and any geometric shape, rouse the imagination, stimulate the refined aesthetic perfection requirement, and reflect the personality of our company.


Furthermore, the aluminum frames of our company may be manufactured as drop harmonica but can also accept mechanisms and types of VolksWagen components (on aluminum hinged profiles)

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