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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames





Permanent frames are proposed as a more economical solution in windows where it’s not necessary to open the screen.


With plastic corners and cuts to 90 degrees for quick and easy assembly, it is the ideal solution for small (and large) windows where we do not want the opening and closing of the insect screen.


With the addition of the fixed cross beam frame, we are able to construct even large openings without any problems.


The net is of «soft» fiberglass that does not rot, cannot be burned and has elasticity so that it can be perfectly stretched on the door giving us a beautiful aesthetic effect.


Alternatively aluminum screen or "pet screen" can be used made from extremely durable fiberglass to withstand not only insects but also the paws of our pet friends.


Installation is easy with the possibility of adding a brush or magnet on the profile of the fixed canvas giving us solutions to any peculiar construction we want to create.

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