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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames




Aluminco series 420,450, 520 and 570 are a thermo insulated aluminum system, suitable for any type of opening frame. The system uses a basic polyamide blade length 24mm and 34mm (AL570 Dynamic plus). The system is a combination of high quality insulation, which the low heat transfer co efficiency offers, and the modern design.



Aluminco series 420, 450 520 and 570 have two sizes of sheets, four sizes of cases, one rebate for the glass leafs, three window case columns etc. Accepting single or double crystals, thickness 4mm to 52mm, and locks in one or three positions. They offer effective waterproofing with three rows of special elastics.


Heat Insulated Systems AL570 DYNAMIC & DYNAMIC PLUS


Versatile Tilt thermal system with superior levels of insulation.


• Complete insulation from water and air.

• High performance thermal and acoustic insulation.

• Significant energy saving.

• Powerful connectivity with profiles that ensure timeless and smooth functioning of the frames.

• Excellent aesthetic result.




• Specific multi chambered central rubber, helps optimal partitioning of the construction, avoiding thermal displacement.

• Limited number of profiles that cover all constructions.

• Three levels of waterproofing.

• Ability of mounting steel locking mechanism / tilt system in surrounding system and on CAMERA EUROPEA.

• Built-in rubber flashing around the frame which ensures the seal and insulates the frame from the walls.

• Ability to build slatted cutting 45 ° and snap for excellent aesthetic result inside the frame.

• Curtain rubbers that prevent the transfer of moisture to the inside of the glass.

• Ability of shielding of the profile by using a steel sheet inside the frame for enhanced burglar protection (WKIII).




• Sheet width: 85mm / 95mm

• Frame Width 77mm / 94.5mm

• Glass up to 42mm / 52mm

• Polyamides German origin 24mm / 34mm

Thermal Insulated Systems AL520

Thermal insulated high performance systems, for difficult and demanding constructions. Modern design and functional. Special waterproof and airtight foam EPDM, for total waterproofing. Large range of profiles that cover multiple architectural applications and offers a wide range of construction options. Available in various colors, inside and out.



• Sheet width 73mm

• Width 65mm minimum frame

• Glass up to 52mm

• Polyamide German origin 24 mm

Thermal Insulated Systems AL450


The insulation system of ALUMINCO AL450 is a high-performance system for demanding construction offering the ultimate security perimeter lock. The series allows the construction of frames for adverse climatic conditions thanks to special reinforced polyamide 24 mm. The maximum multilevel security locks, high performance thermal and acoustic insulation guarantee excellent quality, functionality and significant energy savings.


• Specific multi chamber central rubber helps optimal partitioning of the construction, avoiding thermal displacement.

• Special angle alignment that incorporates mechanical fastening of profile sheet, significantly increasing the overall stiffness of

   the frame while ensuring excellent aesthetic results.

• Limited number of profiles cover all constructions.

• Three levels of waterproofing.

• Steel locking mechanism / tilt system can be mounted in perimeter and CAMERA EUROPEA.

• Ability to build slatted cutting 45th and buckle for excellent aesthetic result inside the frame

• Rubber "curtains" that prevent the transfer of moisture inside the glass.


Thermal Insulated Sytems AL590

A tough insulation system made for main entrances of homes or businesses with simple designs and excellent features.



• Sheet width: height 91 mm and width 65 mm

• Frame dimensions: height 70,5 mm and width 65 mm

• Glass or panels up to 45 mm

• Polyamides German origin



• High level of heat and sound insulation

• Maximum security with a special automatic multi-point lock

• A certificate for door opening system of fingerprint anti-theft keys

• Available with sheet seen from the outside


The COBRA LEONE system is of uncompromising quality and unique functionality features, convenience and high quality insulation, water tightness and air infiltration.

In fine and unique design, the COBRA LEONE is suitable for sliding, hinged and fixed window frames.

COBRA LEONE is a complete system for making aluminum windows and doors, covering the best and proper way for every architectural requirement and type of construction.


The main features of the system are:

• Absolute and duplex architecture flow.

• Partitions of the sheet frame that are self sustained bilaterally in single glasses without rubbers.

• No End Milling and no screws to assemble.

• Editing only by using the saw without cutting molds.

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