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Replacement 1 day


Our company undertakes the full or partial replacement of your old window frames, within a few hours .The study, measurements and supervision of the entire project from beginning to end is supervised by an experienced engineer. Thus your home need not be left open overnight. The placement of your new frames is made quickly by a specialized team with extensive experience and always;


  • With careful management minimizing the repairs that may arise in unraveling the masonry of the building.


  • Same day, dismantling of the old frames and the installation of the new.


  • Immediate removal from your premises of the old useless frames thus keeping you premises immaculately clean.



With the replacement of the old window/door frames


1. You save energy and insulate in your home.

Aluminum door and window frames are the most important construction items of an area from which heat can escape from the inside.

The replacement of an old wooden or aluminum frame with thermal break aluminum frames contribute significantly to the insulation of your home , reducing energy consumption and increases saving of money.


2. Significantly improves the soundproofing of your home and you achieve your isolation from the outside noise. Modern methods of construction and the components used for the central and surrounding rubbers and the double glazing, minimize the transfer of sound from the outside to the inside environment and vice versa.


3. Shield your home with window frames that lock at least in 10 points, triplex windows and heavy shutters make it difficult for your home to be violated.


4. Upgrade the aesthetics of your home with the material that has the most designable options and typology construction more than any other. Additionally, the new generation of aluminum window frames is fully harmonized with the external and internal appearance of your home, as they can be painted in all colors.


5. You save on yearly maintenance and in replacement of key parts of the frame (locks-rolls-rubber)


The thermal insulated aluminum frames with 3rd generation dual energy crystals that we construct and place in the same day, cover all energy requirements of modern times (maximum heat transmission coefficient limits), with the lowest cost in the market, without masonry work, hassle and paperwork.

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