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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames



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COBRA Global patent in sliding windows is the innovative idea of flat driver that gathers several advantages against simple drivers. In addition there is the sliding doors interior and exterior flashing offering a different combination of aesthetically and perfect insulation.


Those relating to security, the burglar free heavy duty three-point lock on the window and shutter, provides a reliable solution for your space.


Manufactured in dimensions of our choice with a single pane or frame cross shaped, diamond shaped or square and in any geometric shape we require. In any color RAL, MAT or fake wood. There is also the option of having classic sliding guide with stainless steel rod rolling in points.







ALUMINCO Sliding systems, AL205 and AL230, respectively cooperate with opening systems AL510 AL410 and for greater flexibility and ability adaption to various constructions.



Designed for sturdy connections of the guides and in the construction of the sliding frames with connecting split corners.


• The weight of the sliding doors is distributed on symmetrically drivers to avoid torsion.

• Smooth and quiet rolling of the sliding parts in stainless steel insert guide.

• Rebate for 2-sheet sliding sashes, without visible taps.

• Sash with a hidden cup of the supporting rubber for Mosquito net

• Cover strips connected with split angles insuring a perfect connection without joints even, on uneven walls.

• Changing the rollers without stripping the frames offering ease construction, installation and maintenance.

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