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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames

The panels are made entirely of aluminum, with decorative parts made of cast aluminum, characterized by high durability. There is an option of a Tilt window for increased functionality and traditional style.


There is also a wide range of designs that can be combined with fixed side panels and a large variety of colors (Ral, Especially Imitation Wood) certified by the dyeing process according to the international quality label specifications SEASIDE-CLASS.


Finally they combine an excellent construction and flexible design with a huge variety of designs and crystals, such as aluminum safety cast, colored glasses, styles vitro and Katy in colors gold, inox and white, covering all its aesthetic and structural requirements.


Designed to offer low-cost solutions, offering high thermal and sound insulation.



• Modern neoclassical character or character

• Flexible design

• Wide range crystal

• Glass double glazing with aluminum fuses

• Options specially treated glass Fused * aesthetics and increased strength

• Options embedded insurance for theft protection

• Huge variety of designs and constructions

• Corrosion proof and certified dyes and wood tones

• No maintenance required

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