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Insect Screen Plisse is a revolutionary product for doors, offering excellent service, great strength and mainly top quality.


• The use of plastic gears, allows us to avoid lower guides, making walking and cleaning the floor easy.

• The use of non-combustible and of ultra high strength pleated screens from polyurethane offers excellent protection from insects and shading.

• The cables from Kevlar, interweaved in the cloth, provides unlimited resistance to air (wind loads) and frequent daily use.

• It does not have resetting springs, making opening or closing easy even for a children or elderly.

• Stops at any point left.

• It is easy to install, while the special plastic fasteners available, give the user the ability to remove it from the frame with a single motion, for cleaning or storage.

• It allows us to cover large openings doors with a maximum height of 2 meters and 60 centimeters, using it as a single and double leaf, three-leaf, four-leaf etc. to construct any width we want without any limitation!

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