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aluminum railings, energy saving frames, heat insulated frames


"ERGASTIRI ALOUMINIOU" manufactures and sells aluminum window frames ,conventionally and insulated  window frames  , energy saving window frames , security and interior doors, patios, building insulations, pergolas, canopies, aluminum railings, iron and stainless steel, and security shutters, anti-mosquito screens as well as special constructions.

One of the main ways of saving energy is the energy saving window frames. They are an excellent solution for energy shielding of homes, offering significant benefits and lower cost.

We re- install and replace old door frames and window frames with new energy aluminum frames.

Our company manufactures and installs aluminum frames using excellent raw materials without impurities in recycled metals offering a large number of design proposals.

We await for you to allow us to analyze closely the advantages of using energy saving window frames.

Same day, dismantling of the old frames and the installation of the new.
126 Kifisias Avenue, Marousi
Tel: +30.210 8055619 - 210 2834802
Fax: +30.210 8055691
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